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  1. Abandoned House

    Abandoned House

    Near Rosalia, WA.
  2. Abandoned Garage

    Abandoned Garage

    Near Rosalia, WA
  3. Shed and Barn

    Shed and Barn

    Beside old highway 30 west of Pendleton.
  4. Old Shed

    Old Shed

    Beside old highway 30 west of Pendleton. Probably used for small animals.
  5. Old Barn

    Old Barn

    Beside old highway 30 west of Pendleton.
  6. Abandoned Store

    Abandoned Store

    In Wishram, WA.
  7. Old School

    Old School

    In Hilgard, OR a few miles west of La Grande.
  8. Old Shed

    Old Shed

    Sitting in a field at Telocaset, OR.
  9. Old Church

    Old Church

    In Maryhill, WA. Photographed from a U.S. 97 pull out.
  10. Old Grain Elevator

    Old Grain Elevator

    Beside BNSF's Oregon Trunk in Maupin, OR.
  11. Thomas Kay Woolen Mills

    Thomas Kay Woolen Mills

    This former water driven woolen mill is located in Salem, OR. It is now a museum.
  12. Post Office

    Post Office

    Although the town of Bridal Veil is mostly gone this post office is still active. The hours are on the door.
  13. Railgeek

    Buildings Reflect in Chicago

    Two buildings reflecting in downtown Chicago, IL.
  14. Old Gallery

    Old Gallery

    As we were driving towards Mount Rainier, spotted this building along side of the road. Made my hubby stop so I could get this pic..
  15. Victoria, BC

    Victoria, BC

  16. In Service

    In Service

  17. A Building...

    A Building...

    I love this one
  18. Prairie Schoolhouse

    Prairie Schoolhouse

    Abandoned schoolhouse on Camas Prairie.
  19. Auto Repair Shop

    Auto Repair Shop

  20. Legislative Building

    Legislative Building

    Main Rotunda on the Washington State Capitol Campus on a crisp, clear, spring day.
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