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  1. Night Light

    Night Light

    An eastbound BNSF train lights up a cut at Dallesport, WA on Apr 9, 2018.
  2. Night Reflections

    Night Reflections

    Lights from The Dalles reflected in the Columbia River.
  3. Cargo Ship

    Cargo Ship

    At a pier in Portland, OR. Photographed from Linnton, OR.
  4. BNSF 9235

    BNSF 9235

    SD70ACe sitting in Linnton, OR.
  5. climbbike

    A Day at Mt. Rainier

    I've been wanting to shoot wildflowers at Mt. Rainier for years but either my timing has been off, I've been out of town, or I just didn't feel up to braving the summer crowds. This year though, things finally worked out. It's probably another week or so before the flowers peak but there are...
  6. Hong Kong

    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong at night, as seen from Victoria Peak. My full Hong Kong gallery is now online:
  7. Before Sunset

    Before Sunset

    Heading to the Beach tonite for SunSet Photos.
  8. Sunset Long Beach WA 1/12/12

    Sunset Long Beach WA 1/12/12

    A walk on the Beach for a January Sunset.
  9. Sunset Long Beach WA 1/12/12

    Sunset Long Beach WA 1/12/12

    On the beach tonight for Sunset.
  10. timmo

    Northern California

    I was near San Francisco for work and had a few spare moments to enjoy the area. Any comments are welcome, and thanks for looking! Golden Gate Bridge: Footsteps going nowhere:
  11. From the Space Needle

    From the Space Needle

    I have lived here for 11 years and just the other day I had my first trip to the top of the Space Needle
  12. Seattle 4th

    Seattle 4th

    from on top of one of the cranes at my work.
  13. Green Ribbon

    Green Ribbon

    Every time I hear about the possibility of auroras in the PNW (e.g., in the last week or two), I can't help but think that it's nothing but a big tease. Inevitably, there are too many clouds in the way where I live. ;) Still, it brings back fond memories of a time when I did get to see the...
  14. Loading Grain

    Loading Grain

  15. Pulp mill in Tacoma WA

    Pulp mill in Tacoma WA

    The Cause of the Aroma of Tacoma
  16. timmo

    Hawthorne Bridge at night

    I need to work on coming up with more interesting titles perhaps, but here is the one photo that I am happy enough with to present to you, which I took the one warm night Saturday, while riding around on my bike: Thanks for looking, any opinions are welcome!
  17. Commerce


    Bridge, Grain Silo, Train rolling through... 75 second exposure!
  18. timmo

    Warm Winter Evening in Portland

    Last night I took advantage of the warm weather and rode my bike around Portland. First one is from under the Marquam Bridge, as is the second. Third is the Hawthorne Bridge from a dock, same with the fourth, looking across the river. Any comments are welcome, I'm learning (hopefully).
  19. SlickPixPhotography

    Snow in West Seattle

    The snow started to fall about 6:30pm last night. The snow was really beautiful and I was waiting for the perfect time to go out and shoot. Let me know what you think and feel free to comment or critique. These photographs were shot with a Canon 7D with a EF 28-135mm IS Lens.
  20. The "Polar Express"

    The "Polar Express"

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