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  1. Cold


    Salem, OR. 2019.
  2. Fruit Blossoms

    Fruit Blossoms

    At the Amtrak station in Vancouver, WA
  3. Black Locust Flowers

    Black Locust Flowers

    Black Locust tree in bloom in Stanfield, OR
  4. Snag


    On the ridge above Perry, OR in the Blue Mountains
  5. ChrisP

    Pileated woodpecker

    Was finally lucky enough to capture a decent shot of a Pileated woodpecker.
  6. Fall Colors

    Fall Colors

  7. Dead Juniper

    Dead Juniper

    Smith Rock State Park. This tree was killed by a range fire several years ago.
  8. Tree Eyes

    Tree Eyes

    Same oak tree but a different knot flipped. This one looks like an owl.
  9. Dwarf Mongoose

    Dwarf Mongoose

    Probably the cutest mongoose species in South Africa, unless you like meerkats. It's always a highlight seeing these little critters in action. In this case, a whole family was denning in a fallen tree.
  10. Cub of the Kikilezi Female

    Cub of the Kikilezi Female

    I just returned from three weeks in South Africa. We criss-crossed the country during that time, visiting a couple of the arid parks as well as our favorite haunts in the Sabi Sands. We saw numerous leopards in the Sabi Sands, including 11 different individuals in four days at Mala Mala...
  11. Bark


  12. Bark


  13. Bark


  14. Washington's Trees.

    Washington's Trees.

    There is nothing like Washington's trees. They are majestic all their own.
  15. Going Down?

    Going Down?

    A black bear cub descends a tree in Yellowstone National Park.
  16. Eagle Pair

    Eagle Pair

    Eagles descended on the Swinomish channel in La Conner, Washington to feast on the tiny fish moving up stream. This pair were seen resting in a tree nearby the channel.
  17. Stark


    Dead juniper at Smith Rocks State Park.
  18. Summer sunset in February

    Summer sunset in February

  19. Summer sunset in February

    Summer sunset in February

  20. Methow Pine

    Methow Pine

    I've photographed this tree for a number of years, this is my first attempt with HDR imaging.
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