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  1. Tommy


    In Salem, OR
  2. Cheyenne


    In Salem, OR
  3. Cheyenne


  4. Cheyenne


  5. Cheyenne - "How dare you take my picture!"

    Cheyenne - "How dare you take my picture!"

  6. Cheyenne


  7. Cheyenne


    Enjoying the outdoors.
  8. Cheyenne


    Relaxing in front of the TV.
  9. Cheyenne


    My cat inspecting my wife's quilt.
  10. Cheyenne


    My cat.
  11. Tommy


  12. Cub of the Kikilezi Female

    Cub of the Kikilezi Female

    I just returned from three weeks in South Africa. We criss-crossed the country during that time, visiting a couple of the arid parks as well as our favorite haunts in the Sabi Sands. We saw numerous leopards in the Sabi Sands, including 11 different individuals in four days at Mala Mala...
  13. Watch and Wait

    Watch and Wait

    This female leopard was photographed in the Sabi Sands Wildtuin in South Africa. At one point we had to drive down a dry river bed in an attempt to anticipate where she was going. She stopped and waited behind a large tree, barely visible. I was going to wait her out until I noticed her face...
  14. Wild Mountain Lion

    Wild Mountain Lion

    A mountain lion pauses to drink at a spring in Utah's Wasatch Mountains. This is a wild animal (not captive!) that was photographed from a tree stand usually used by hunters.
  15. Princess


    Enjoying sun and hunting plastic!
  16. Jessie the Cat

    Jessie the Cat

    Taken with Sigma 180 f/3.5 Macro, bounced a 430 EX II flash off of the wall above and behind the Jessie.
  17. Sammy and Lilly

    Sammy and Lilly

    Lilly made an unexpected flight across the room to the cat's tree. Normally the wings are too clipped for such flights. Lilly thinks she is a giant macaw and just doesn't realize how very lucky she is that Sammy is a patient cat.
  18. Shop Cat

    Shop Cat

    Jason Hill pets the shop cat at Mount Rainer Scenic Railroad while on break.
  19. Rita and Bobby

    Rita and Bobby

    Rita cleans herbs
  20. Queen of All

    Queen of All

    This is my cat Jade, she thinks she is queen of the house and lays in my lazy boy all day.
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