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  1. Fishing Skiff

    Fishing Skiff

    At Avery, WA
  2. Coast Guard

    Coast Guard

    At Garibaldi, OR
  3. Coast Guard

    Coast Guard

    At Garibaldi, OR
  4. Kiska Sea

    Kiska Sea

    Crab boat from "Deadliest Catch" docked in Toledo.
  5. Tiny Boat

    Tiny Boat

    At the dock in Toledo.
  6. Crab Boat Kiska

    Crab Boat Kiska

    Sitting at the dock in Toledo, OR.
  7. Stored for the winter

    Stored for the winter

    All stacked up at our local marina for the winter...they look lonely!
  8. Peace on the Water

    Peace on the Water

    Just had to shoot this lil yellow dinghy and playing with it.
  9. SlickPixPhotography

    Fisherman's Light before the Storm

    This photograph was taken at Fisherman's Terminal in Ballard. I noticed a storm was soon to be moving in and noticed the storm light shining on the fishing vessels and looked awesome. Enjoy! Camera 7D, 52mm, 1/500, f/11.0, ISO 160
  10. Crab Boat Sunset

    Crab Boat Sunset

    Light in center on horizon is a working crab boat.
  11. Victim of the Sea

    Victim of the Sea

  12. Journeys End

    Journeys End

  13. Evening Light

    Evening Light

    A small fishing vessel is reflected in the water.
  14. Heading Into the Sun

    Heading Into the Sun

    A small vessel returns to the harbor.
  15. Fishing Fleet

    Fishing Fleet

  16. Antique boat show

    Antique boat show

  17. Crow Arrow

    Crow Arrow

    Commencement Bay Arrow Launch Service
  18. Tug


    Pushing some grain barges down the Columbia River between Celilo and The Dalles.
  19. Quick Boat

    Quick Boat

    Just another boat flying past our house at about 60 miles per hour. They are really quite annoying.
  20. Boat Bluff Light Station

    Boat Bluff Light Station

    Traveling along the Inside Passage, Boat Bluff is located on the south end of Sarah Island about 3 miles north of Klemtu, British Columbia.
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