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  1. Boats at Rest

    Boats at Rest

    Boats docked at the marina in La Conner, WA
  2. showcasefury

    showcasefury's best photos of 2010

    The Boat photo was taken the first time I ever took my camera out of my house. I did not even know how to use it at the time. The zoo pictures were taken the weekend after I got my telephoto lens. I took a trip to the Zoo just to use it. The photos I attached to my introduction thread are also...
  3. SlickPixPhotography

    Photos Around Seattle

    I took these different photos from around Seattle today and I hope everyone will enjoy them...
  4. Sunday Paddle

    Sunday Paddle

    Practice on the Foss on Sunday afternoons.
  5. Holding On

    Holding On

    High seas as seen from Westhaven State Park near Westport.
  6. Quick Boat

    Quick Boat

    Just another boat flying past our house at about 60 miles per hour. They are really quite annoying.
  7. Lifting Fog

    Lifting Fog

    Fog and Mist keeps some boats from venturing out to sea.
  8. Returning to Port

    Returning to Port

  9. Small Fishing Boats

    Small Fishing Boats

  10. Rowboats


  11. Cluster of Sailboats

    Cluster of Sailboats

  12. Spring Regatta

    Spring Regatta

    Taken from the Edmonds/Kingston ferry
  13. colorful boats

    colorful boats

    Lake Union boat dock
  14. dry docked

    dry docked

    Lake Union boat rental dock
  15. Percival Landing

    Percival Landing

    Shooting in and around Olympia. Snow capped Olympics in the background.
  16. Percival Landing Tug

    Percival Landing Tug

    Playing with the new camera at Percival Landing in downtown Olympia.
  17. Iron Fish

    Iron Fish

    Artwork near Percival Landing on the Olympia Fish House.
  18. Building in Bloom

    Building in Bloom

    State offices blooming with spring.
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