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  1. Inner Glow

    Inner Glow

    Sunset through clouds.
  2. MAX stop

    MAX stop

  3. westbound at Galleria

    westbound at Galleria

  4. Commerce


    Bridge, Grain Silo, Train rolling through... 75 second exposure!
  5. Last Fire

    Last Fire

    Playing with the last light.
  6. Christmas light display

    Christmas light display

    a few water spots on the lens adds to the beauty
  7. Death Valley Night

    Death Valley Night

    A "light painting". My shooting buddy held a large incadenscent flashlight off to the left and then "painted" the tree with light - the exposure was approximately 15 seconds.
  8. Terrible Tilly

    Terrible Tilly

    Tillamook Rock Lighthouse is located between Seaside and Cannon Beach, Oregon. It got it's nickname because it is so treacherous to dock there. Several people have died there over tbe years. It is now a private Columbarium.
  9. Clear signal under moonlight

    Clear signal under moonlight

    Under a partially-obscured 3/4 moon, Signal 1728.1 displays a clear signal for an eastbound train on the 2.2% climb out of Skykomish.
  10. Moonlit Foss River Bridge

    Moonlit Foss River Bridge

    The only word I can find to describe this scene is "surreal." Indeed, a bright three-quarter moon lighting up the Cascade Range forest during a blizzard could only be something imagined in one's dreams... except that it happened. In one of those incredibly rare instances where...
  11. MAX at Lloyd Center stop

    MAX at Lloyd Center stop

  12. Olympia Capitol Building at night

    Olympia Capitol Building at night

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